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 Bosa Development Corporation's Property Management division is a full        service property management firm. We manage a diverse portfolio of 3.5      million square feet made up of shopping centres, office buildings, industrial  properties and film studios. We offer a full range of services including leasing,  facilities management and construction supervision.

 Our goal is to provide superior management in a cost effective manner. We      focus on cost control through preventative maintenance, operational        efficiencies and careful selection of vendors & suppliers. We strive to achieve      a high level of tenant retention by providing our tenants with timely, courteous    and highly personalized service.

Bosa Development has a long tradition as a leading development and construction  firm. By drawing on that tradition and combining it with our leasing and  management expertise, Bosa Development Property Management delivers exceptional value to our clients and tenants.

 To learn more about what Bosa Development Property Management can do for  your bottom line, please contact:

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